Aptitude - For Internships and Placement Training

Problem solving skill plays a major role in shaping up the career goals of students. It is the dream of every student to get placed in a top organization visiting their campus for recruitment.


Logical Reasoning

Verbal Ability

Technical Training

Soft Skills

Why are problem solving skills important? Problem-solving skills allow you to find candidates who are cognitively equipped to handle anything their jobs throw at them. Problem solvers can observe, judge, and act quickly when difficulties arise when they inevitably do.

Types of Quantitative Aptitude Questions

  1. Numbers
  2. HCF and LCM
  3. Square Roots and Cube Roots
  4. Percentages
  5. Averages
  6. Profit and Loss
  7. Ratio and Proportion
  8. Simple Interest
  1. Compound Interest
  2. Time and Work
  3. Partnerships
  4. Problem on Ages
  5. Set Theory
  6. Calendar
  7. Boats and Streams
  8. Speed, Distance and Time
  1. Pipes and Cisterns
  2. Boats and Streams
  3. Problem on Trains
  4. Mixture and Allegation
  5. Surds and Indices
  6. Surface Area
  7. Probability
  8. Logarithms
  9. Permutation and Combination

Logical Reasoning

  1. Data Sufficiency
  2. Data Interpretation
  3. How to solve Questions on Blood Relations
  4. Cryptarithmetic Questions Explained
  5. Important points to master problems on Clocks
  6. Syllogisms Explained
  7. Direction Sense
  8. Sudoku Puzzles
  9. Cubes and Cuboids

Verbal Ability

  1. Antonyms and Synonyms
  2. Idioms and Phrases
  3. Fill in the Blanks
  4. Reading Comprehensions
  5. Vocabulary & Grammar
  6. Cloze Test
  7. Match the Columns
  8. Error Detection
  9. Jumbled word/Paragraphs
  10. One Word Substitution